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Measuring Wonder Readers: Emergent Level鈥擨gniting a Love of Reading from the Very Beginning

Jese Leos
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Published in Measuring (Wonder Readers Emergent Level)
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As educators and parents, we all strive to nurture a love of reading in our children. And the journey begins with emergent readers鈥攖hose young learners who are just starting to explore the world of words and stories. Measuring Wonder Readers: Emergent Level provides an exceptional foundation for this crucial phase, offering a comprehensive approach to literacy development that combines engaging texts, research-based principles, and a wealth of teacher resources.

Measuring Wonder Readers: Emergent Level is a meticulously crafted program designed to support emergent readers as they transition into confident and enthusiastic readers. This comprehensive system comprises:

Measuring Wonder Readers: Emergent Level utilizes decodable texts, a research-proven approach that focuses on the systematic of grapheme-phoneme relationships. As students decode words independently, they develop strong phonemic awareness and fluency, laying the groundwork for future reading success.

Measuring (Wonder Readers Emergent Level)
Measuring (Wonder Readers Emergent Level)
by Ann Corcorane

5 out of 5

Language : English
File size : 5735 KB
Print length : 16 pages

Beyond phonics, Measuring Wonder Readers: Emergent Level understands the importance of captivating narratives. The stories are carefully selected for their age-appropriateness, relatable characters, and ability to spark children's imaginations. This makes reading an enjoyable and meaningful experience, fostering a genuine love of literature.

Phonics instruction is seamlessly integrated into Measuring Wonder Readers: Emergent Level, providing students with the tools they need to decode words confidently. However, the program also recognizes the need for individual support. Color-coded annotations and embedded audio recordings provide instant assistance, ensuring that all learners can access the content and succeed at their own pace.

The Teacher Guide accompanying Measuring Wonder Readers: Emergent Level is an invaluable resource for educators. It offers detailed lesson plans, differentiation strategies, and formative assessments that guide instruction and monitor student progress. The guide also aligns perfectly with the Common Core State Standards, ensuring that teachers can effectively meet curriculum requirements.

Measuring Wonder Readers: Emergent Level extends beyond the classroom with a range of online resources. Interactive games reinforce learning in a fun and engaging manner, while printable activities provide additional practice opportunities. Professional development materials empower teachers with the knowledge and skills to foster successful emergent readers.

  1. Accelerates Literacy Development: Measuring Wonder Readers: Emergent Level provides a structured and systematic approach that accelerates emergent readers towards literacy milestones.

  2. Builds Phonemic Awareness and Fluency: The decodable texts and explicit phonics instruction enhance phonemic awareness and build fluency, essential skills for early reading success.

  3. Promotes Comprehension: The engaging stories and comprehension activities foster meaningful comprehension, enabling students to understand and retain what they read.

  4. Fosters a Love of Reading: The captivating narratives and relatable characters cultivate a genuine love of reading, setting children on a lifelong journey of literary exploration.

  5. Supports Differentiated Instruction: The Teacher Guide and online resources offer a plethora of differentiation strategies, ensuring that every student receives tailored instruction to meet their unique learning needs.

Measuring Wonder Readers: Emergent Level is the ideal resource for educators and parents who seek to nurture a love of reading in young learners. Its research-based approach, engaging content, and comprehensive support system provide a solid foundation for emergent readers to thrive. By unlocking the secrets of early literacy, Measuring Wonder Readers: Emergent Level empowers children with the skills and passion to become confident and enthusiastic readers for life.

Measuring (Wonder Readers Emergent Level)
Measuring (Wonder Readers Emergent Level)
by Ann Corcorane

5 out of 5

Language : English
File size : 5735 KB
Print length : 16 pages
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Measuring (Wonder Readers Emergent Level)
Measuring (Wonder Readers Emergent Level)
by Ann Corcorane

5 out of 5

Language : English
File size : 5735 KB
Print length : 16 pages
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